We Want to Hear Your Stories!

The International Day of Disabled People was created by the United Nations in 1992 to promote awareness, and mobilise support, for the estimated one billion disabled people around the world facing barriers to inclusion.


This year the theme is Inclusion Matters: Access and Empowerment of People of All Abilities.

We are interested to hear stories from the lives of disabled people working and learning in universities across the world. How is it for you as a disabled person?

Post us a story from your day in words or images.

You are welcome to comment on this post, contact us via Twitter, Facebook, or through our website



One thought on “We Want to Hear Your Stories!

  1. Sue Porter December 4, 2015 / 9:19 am

    I spent part of the morning in a joint unions meeting convened to take forward diversity issues, and was encouraged by the sense of shared concern and solidarity, but the examples of casework were concerning. I took away from the meeting the task of identifying the (top down) expectations on the university re diversity from Universities UK. I took a quick look at the Universities UK website as I ate my lunch and was shocked by the almost complete lack of any mention of disability in the diversity material, policies, monitoring and reporting from Universities UK. Lots of stuff on gender and race, but virtually no mention of disability at all.

    Lunchtime I spent in a meeting of Norah Fry colleagues, convened in response to the IDDP. We discussed what actions we could and should take to make the university more accessible (on multiple levels). I found myself struggling with conflicting feelings about both how to take the agenda forward and who should do so. I dashed from this meeting to take a skype call with colleagues with whom I am about to start a new AHRC funded (disabled led) £1.5 million project around disability and community – exciting and daunting!

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