Getting Things Changed: Workshops

We are starting off our project by holding workshops about different theories relating to ‘change’, in order to tackle some of the well-known barriers faced by disabled people.

We want to dig down to the level of practice, recognising that top-down policies do not always work, when social practices are entrenched.

Workshop 1 Social Practice Theory

Our first workshop was held on April 27th 2015 – Dr. Stanley Blue helped us to look at Elizabeth Shove’s Social Practice Theory, and what that might mean for the practices involving disabled people. You can follow some of the things we discussed by reading the first post Understanding How Change Happens.

Workshops 2 and 3 are being held at the end of June 2015

Professors Charles Antaki and Celia Kitzinger are leading Workshop 2, which will be called ‘What’s Going on Here?’. We will look at how a micro-analysis of interaction can be taken into practice, and what that might mean for making changes in how things are done.

Professor Andrew Sturdy and Helen Ballard are leading Workshop 3, which is entitled ‘Power and Resistance’. We will be looking at some broader ideas about how change happens, both at the organisational and the individual level.

Widening the Conversation

We are planning to take this conversation wider, especially by holding discussions with disabled people’s groups and other interested parties. If you want to join in, please comment on these posts.


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